Customer Support

If your Product have some difficulties or problems during warranty period then  please contact Service Center of Oriental Services AV (BD.) Ltd. If your product is eligible for warranty service, our service department will make necessary arrangements with you to provide services. If required you will have to send the product to our service center for better diagnosis of the problems or defects. All service related issues will be attended on first come first serve basis. No special preference or advantage will be given as all our customers are equally treated as valued client. Oriental Services AV (BD.) Ltd. and its dealers, re-sellers and agents are not liable for any damage or loss to the product while the product is in transport to or from Oriental Services AV (BD.) Ltd. or its dealers, re-sellers and agents. You are solely responsible for any cost incurred in connection to shipping of the product to our service center.

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 We also Have Some Interactive Packages for Servicing Which are mentioning below:

  • In this service period ORIENTAL SERVICES AV (BD.) LTD., will provide service support/ response within 24 hours.
  • ORIENTAL SERVICES AV (BD.) LTD. will provide service for ONE year from the date of service contract. This contract can be renewable every year.
  • Before servicing we will visit at your site & we will give you the report of total projectors.
  • Projector servicing will be done at our own workshop or at customer’s office (If necessary).
  • Any damages by fire, water, mishandling, fluctuation, negligence etc. are not under the purview of this service contract
  • Any repair or replacements of spares are not under the purview of this service contract. But if such required, we will do the needful against payment & issue a P.O which is not under this SCP.
  • For complete this servicing (For Auditorium) we need some additional support like scaffolding. In this case university authority have to pay tk.4000 (this amount will be change depends upon the provider). If University authority arrange the scaffolding then this amount will not applie in this service contact agreement.
  • Our service is included all brand projector & supply of lamp except spares (Others brand).